Music & Sound Healing

Music & sound healing sessions & events

60 to 90 minutes

Each typical session/event will be using the power of 432 Hz tuned music, binaural beats, solfeggio healing frequencies, nature soundscapes and other soothing tones. The sessions/events break down as follows:

- quick introductions and sharing about what brought you to the session

- music starts and we start with simple breathwork to relax the body and mind

- body scan to deepen the state of relaxation 

music & sound journey (with instruments & singing)

- affirmations sung and/or spoken

- cool down, return to the body and open your eyes

- integration; sharing what came up during the experience

Music & Sound Healing Sessions

Chris’ sound and music journey was transformative in a way words cannot fully express. His intuitive wisdom of music and frequency combined to resonate with every particle of my being. This journey expanded my consciousness beyond worldly burdens into a state of pure tranquillity, peace and unity. I felt limitations and blockages dissolve in the deepest parts of my soul, and for that, I cannot recommend Chris’ profound talent enough.”

— Marina Vander Heyden | CEO & Founder of Sprowt

Video Example

Sound healing with Chris Noble was a transformable experience! The moment the headphones where placed on I could feel the music carrying me on a journey to the depths of my power. Harnessing the magic within myself, I felt safe and open to receive from this divine masculine! I would absolutely recommend being swept away by his music”

— Alessandra

Being present in divine masculine is a noble gift of Chris to experience. His ability to be fully present and engaging shifts the energy in space to feel even more warm and held. Chris’ unmistakeable talent to intuitively play his keyboard tuned to the love vibration of 432Hz, you feel even more attuned to a higher vibration of your own heart. As he guides loving awareness through your Being, you are immediately transported deeper into your own self, allowing the frequencies to move you and leave you feeling uplifted, playful and affirmed.”

— Henrietta Devine | Sound Healer

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