Music Meditation Workshops

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Music & Sound Healing Sessions

Chris’ sound and music journey was transformative in a way words cannot fully express. His intuitive wisdom of music and frequency combined to resonate with every particle of my being. This journey expanded my consciousness beyond worldly burdens into a state of pure tranquillity, peace and unity. I felt limitations and blockages dissolve in the deepest parts of my soul, and for that, I cannot recommend Chris’ profound talent enough.”

— Marina Vander Heyden | CEO & Founder of Sprowt

Sound healing with Chris Noble was a transformable experience! The moment the headphones where placed on I could feel the music carrying me on a journey to the depths of my power. Harnessing the magic within myself, I felt safe and open to receive from this divine masculine! I would absolutely recommend being swept away by his music”

— Alessandra

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